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2022 Glossy Wall Calendar (free shipping)

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SKU Number: hemp-048
Get the seventh annual wall calendar with full color images of the sisters, the intelligent plants, at work and at play.
On January 1 of 2022, the Sisterhood will be officially seven years old!  2022 is our eighth year of operations and the calendar we have developed for this year finally has our moon cycles and our holy days!

The Sisters of the Valley are a Beguine-revivalist enclave, practicing rituals that honor and revive the belief systems of their Beguine Ancestors. The Sisters aspire to living in harmony with Mother Earth and her people, and to bringing back kinder and gentler ways for people to live in harmony with one another. The Sisters make all their CBD products from their farm in California. The Sisters of the Valley is a growing enclave, serving as a base from which the women are spreading their wings and their influence.  All calendars come with the annual SotV postcard with the cycles of the moon on the back.

All calendars ship separately and from Merced, California.