CBD Topical Salve MINT scent (1/2 oz) >50 mg CBD per tin

CBD Topical Salve MINT scent (1/2 oz) >50 mg CBD per tin

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1/2 oz. topical salve with mint scent.  The Sisters of the Valley make all their products in a spiritual environment, with prayers for the people sown into every bottle and jar. This is a topical or 'rub-on' salve with multiple uses.  The Sisters' products are made with high-CBD strains of the cannabis plant (hemp), strains developed to have virtually no THC.   These products are not psychoactive, they will not get a person 'high', and they will not cause a person to fail a drug test.   This is the same high-quality salve recipe that the Sisters have made and sold since 2014.  The only difference is that this batch contains eucalyptus oil in place of the lavender oil.  Some people are allergic to the lavender oil.  Some men have requested a non-flowery scent.  In response to demand, this topical salve, with even higher CBD potency, provides another choice to our growing customer base.  All products are tested for potency.  Lab tests available upon request and included with the shipment. Hand Made by the Sisters of the Valley in Cooperation with Earth and Sun.  Keep stored in a cool, dry place (not refrigerated).

The CBD salve contains the following ingredients: 77.2% solid coconut oil infused with hemp, 14.5% beeswax, 3.8% liquid coconut oil hemp concentrate, 1.6% Vitamin E oil, 1.5% calendula oil, and 1.4% eucalyptus oil.

Ash Moon February 2020
68 mg of CBD per tin

Cold Moon 2019

Womens Moon August 2019

Summer Moon - July 2019  Made by Main Sister House

Quiet Moon Jan 2019 
Sisters of the Valley Gaia's Hope (second sister farm in North Central California)  

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