Metaphor Doll (Weed-Nun) Wall Hanging

Metaphor Doll (Weed-Nun) Wall Hanging

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The Sisters began a project a long time ago, rescuing throw-away dolls, naked and forlorn, from flea markets.  They are given affordable housing and jobs with career paths and choices, the opportunity to work in a spiritual environment, and they blossom and get pretty and smile all the time.  The metaphor dolls are a metaphor for throw-away women and a metaphor for the weed-nuns at work today in many corners of the globe.

Hand-made by the Sisters.


1 metaphor doll (metty) dressed in casual-wear
metal wall-mountable frame with photo of the Sisters' plants from the 2018 fall harvest
one sage bundle
one terra cotta planter with plants (not real ones)
one metal stand to hold the weed-nun

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