Metaphor Doll (Weed-Nun) Window Box

Metaphor Doll (Weed-Nun) Window Box

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The Sisters began a project a long time ago, rescuing throw-away dolls, naked and forlorn, from flea markets.  They are given affordable housing and jobs with career paths and choices, the opportunity to work in a spiritual environment, and they blossom and get pretty and smile all the time.  The metaphor dolls are a metaphor for throw-away women and a metaphor for the weed-nuns at work today in many corners of the globe.  The real weed-nuns are activist, so don't smile so much . . . the metaphor dolls (the metties) do smile, most of them.

This shadow box has a Sister in scrubs, pushing a cart filled with herbal medicine, in front of a window that has, outside, cannabis plants in full bloom.

The Sisters try to make all dioramas from recycled products.  There is the only one of this style.  Hand-made by the Sisters.


1 metaphor doll (metty) dressed in scrubs and jacket
wood box with photo of 2018 crop as backdrop
1 pushcart
3 sage bundles in a basket
1 oil bottle
2 jars of salve
6 bottles of essential oils
3 jars of herbs (sage, salt & pepper)
1 doll-stand

Not meant for young children.  Designed as display for where CBD products are sold.

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