CBD Salve For Pain Relief: Why It Is So Popular

CBD Salve For Pain Relief: Why It Is So Popular

Back when I ran a 4/20 collective with my brother, the first legal delivery service operating in the county, I didn’t make a topical salve. I made tinctures. I first made tinctures because I was so afraid that some dying person would light their pipe in bed and start themselves on fire or leave a joint burning in bed and start a fire. I wasn’t worried about the fact that even though I was legal with the state, I was not legal with the feds or the local sheriff’s department. I didn’t worry about those guys. No, what worried me was the fact that I was delivering a smokable medicine to dying patients, many of whom were smoking for the first time in their lives. It didn’t make sense to me that non-smokers were being forced to smoke just to get pain relief.

Tinctures Were Before CBD Salves

I did a little research and began experimenting with home-made tinctures. At first, I had to give my tinctures away to get people to try them; the old folks and the sick folks I was serving having been newly introduced to pain relief through cannabis were reluctant to exchange it for anything. “If it works, don’t fix it” said a crotchety old General from the Air Force who had liver cancer. I remember he closed all the blinds when I would arrive, muttering about how he was about to do a drug deal for which he put scores of young men in the brig. He smoked his medical cannabis from a corn cob pipe. I hadn’t seen that done before.

I put down the 4/20 collective in 2013 and by then, fully fifteen percent of sales were from tinctures I made. I made my first batch of salves in the fall of 2014 and founded the Sisterhood in early 2015. Within six months, I knew that the topical salve was clearly the flagship product. The topical salve is very interesting to me. We put it out there as experimental, asking people to tell us what it is good for. We would say: For a hundred years, this medicine has been suppressed. Please join the grand human experiment and tell us what the salve does and doesn’t do.

People in pain were happy to try it.

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Why Do People Use CBD Salve For Pain Relief?

My own mother reported that if she forgot to put the salve on her knees when she woke in the morning, she would have to use her walker to get around by noon. If she remembered, she didn’t need her walker all day.

Over the nearly six years that we have now been making and selling our topical salve, we have had positive feedback in regard to alleviating the pain associated with the following conditions:

  • Arthritis and Joint pain relief (obviously, that was what we aimed for), including muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis
  • Eczema and psoriasis (use topical salves very sparingly)
  • Migraines (post onset for pain relief)
  • Migraine prevention (every morning behind the ears, we are told, to prevent them)
  • Skin abrasions, burns and sores (including diaper rash), sores that accompany Diabetes and Melanoma
  • Hangover (temples and forehead)
  • Sleeplessness (temples and forehead or behind the neck)
  • Works as a drawing salve (put a layer of sea salt on top)
  • Chapped skin
  • Burns (in the mouth, on the skin)
  • Vaginal dryness (lavender, not the mint, the mint is made with eucalyptus and might sting)
  • Calming agitated children (& old folks) by rubbing it on their hands
  • Opening the gnarled and stiff hands of an elder person with arthritis
  • Healing stubborn open wounds
  • Stress relief (on the temples or behind the ears)
  • Mitigates side effects of chemo and radiation treatments
  • Toothaches and mouth burns
  • Earaches and jaw pain

Sisters of the Valley CBD Salves

We’ve never had a bad review on our topical salve, but we have had a few people say that it didn’t do anything for them. We accept this. We often tell people that not all medicines work for all people, so just try it, and if it doesn’t work, please tell us and we will refund your money. Generally, however, if we ask more questions of the person getting no results, we learn that they are not being consistent in the usage of the CBD.

customer review on cbd quality

Our topical salve contains these ingredients:

  • Coconut oil infused with our CBD plant
  • Calendula in olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Oil for scent: Lavender or Eucalyptus
  • Beeswax

In this article by US News, the title of which is ‘Do topical CBD products work?’ their answer is yes, but we need more testing (that’s the industry mantra, naturally, after one hundred years of prohibition). This US News report sites tests on rats where the effects of using CBD salve was helpful for osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t know how they ask the rats their pain level, but I can tell you that our people have clearly experienced pain relief because they talk about it.

We agree with the US News article that it helps with skin conditions, but we are not fans of people using it for eczema. We always tell people with eczema that we believe most skin conditions are caused by stress and that they should treat their stomach, treat their stress, to treat eczema. When it comes to eczema, we usually recommend ingested forms of CBD with high amounts of other vitamins (we tell people to see a doctor or herbalist for the exact recipe). But yes, we also hear that people have success clearing up bad skin patches, eczema specifically, using our salve. To be used always sparingly on bad skin because it has a coconut oil base and oil will block the pores and the pores need to breathe to heal. The salve can be healing for eczema, but the salve must be applied in teeny tiny dosages so the skin isn’t blocked from the air.

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People have met us at lonely country roads and in parking lots at all times of the day and night to get their topical salve when they’ve run out. The salve, I’m telling you, is not addictive. But pain relief is. We understand how addictive it can be for one to have the boot of pain lifted from one’s neck.

FDA Disclaimer

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