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CBD Topical Salve Original Lavender Scent 2 oz. 20% discount

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Self-Care Bundle

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SKU Number: hemp-055
Prices shown beside each item are the retail price if purchased outside the bundle:
4 ounce jar of lavender salve ($73.10)
2 bars of coffee soap ($18.00)
1 bottle of lavender spray ($21.50)
Retail value: ($122.60)
Treat yourself or someone you love to an amazing, low-priced self-care bundle that includes our most popular products. 1 four-ounce jar (approx. 500 mg) of CBD topical salve (lavender scent) 2 bars of coffee soap kissed by CBD oil (the heat of the soap would degrade the CBD potency, so it is splashed into each bar as it cools) 1 four-ounce bottle of lavender spray, each containing a crystal that can be saved and made part of the healing collection, long after the pray is gone, or we encourage people to re-use the bottle and make their own scented sprays. This bundle represents an over $120 value for just $85.90. Shipped only from California.