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Skullcap Tincture (2 oz)

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SKU Number: hemp-013
Skullcap Tincture (2 oz) - Comes in a 2 oz. (60 ml) tincture. For fastest results, it is dropped on the tongue, but some do prefer to add it to tea or a drink.

Skullcap Tincture (2 oz)

The two-ounce bottles of Skullcap (Scutellaria Lateriflora) are prepared from fresh, dried, skullcap flowers, and grain alcohol. 

The tinctures are set by the cycles of the moon. 

Note that it is a bitter herb. When dropped on the tongue, it will cause the body to have a reaction to the bitter. 

This is Mother Nature's way of having the body absorb the liquid quickly. 

For fastest results, it is dropped on the tongue, but some do prefer to add it to tea or a drink. 

The Sisters make all their products by moon cycle and in a spiritual environment, sowing prayers for the people into all the products made. 

The Sisters follow ancient traditions; all the holistic plant-based products are made by hand, by the women. 


Tincture by definition means drawing the medicine from the plant using alcohol.  The Sisters use grain alcohol that is harsh-tasting to the tongue.  For those who want immediate relief, that harsh taste helps with immediate absorption.  For children, pets, elderly, or anyone who would react negatively to the severe biting taste to the tongue, the tincture should be diluted with water, juice, or tea before ingesting.


2 oz. (60 ml)

What the Sisters of The Valley Skullcap Tincture is made of

Made with skullcap flowers and food-grade grain alcohol.

How the Sisters of The Valley Skullcap Tinctures are made

The Sisters of the Valley make all their products by moon cycles, to honor our ancient mothers. They are prepared in a spiritual environment, with prayers for the people sewn into every bottle and jar. 

Product formulation

This is a non-CBD product that contains:

  • 96% grain alcohol 

  • 4% skullcap flower

Is this safe?

  • These products are non-intoxicating.

  • They will not get a person 'high'.

  • They are not addictive.

  • They will not cause a person to fail a drug test.

Product guarantee

  • Lab-tested for potency.

  • Lab-tests are found here.

  • Hand-made by the Sisters of the Valley in cooperation with earth and sun.

Storage instructions

  • Shake well before using.

  • Keep stored in a cool, dry place.

  • Do not refrigerate or freeze

Shipping & Delivery

The Sisters' products ship to all 50 states and worldwide.